The Paganini Company opened in 1948 in Via Michelangelo Caetani in Rome, after only a few years, moving to Via delle Botteghe Oscure, a historic street in the heart of Rome, becoming a reference point for hotels, restaurants, upholstery, etc.

To date, the Company maintains its position with its wide exposition of fabrics, curtains, and home linens.

Giovanni Paganini, in the years and with the help of the children, was able to expand the services offered to the clientele, specializing also in customized linens and curtains.

The shop is made up of 11 showcases that dress up the historic corner of Rome, in these photos, we thought about collecting some corners.

Today, always maintaining the quality of our products, we want to offer our customers a further service, entering their homes with a wide selection of curtains and furnishing fabrics.

"Qualified staff has been in the business for years, providing expertise and professionalism to our affectionate customers."